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Signage in any style

The oldest winery in America needed signage to convey that claim to fame. Our capabilities allow us to meet virtually any signage aesthetic, from rustic to modern.

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magnesium plaque

The perfect plaque

is often created by combining several of our processes and materials. Our designers can help you bring your plaque vision to life.

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Products & Services

Plaques and Awards

From individuals, to schools, to businesses, Pella Engraving works with a wide range of customers...


Plaque Personalization Options

From detailed artwork, to vibrant coloring, to irregular...


Indoor and Outdoor Signs

If you're looking for an indoor or outdoor sign for your business or organization, Pella Engraving...


ID and Serial Tags

Pella Engraving uses its one-of-a-kind Metalphoto® process to create highly durable ID tags and ID...


Recognition and Donor Walls

Pella Engraving Company's recognition walls are a unique, component-based system that can be customized...


Foil Stamping Dies

Pella Engraving began etching metals to produce printing plates and foil dies for the printing and...


CNC Routing and Plasma Cutting

Pella Engraving's CNC routing machine and CNC plasma cutter are capable of executing intricate engraved...



For a unique and beautiful gift or award, have your text, graphic, or logo sandblasted into a product....


Laser Engraving

Pella Engraving offers a line of laser-engraved products which are perfect for a distinguished-looking...


Flatbed Color Printing

Pella Engraving can add color to your plaques, awards, and other products with the DirectJet 1024...


Traditional values have helped Pella Engraving maintain high standards in engraving and etching since its founding in 1934. "WE MAKE IT RIGHT" is not just a slogan—it is a core value of our engraving company.

Our extensive equipment lineup combined with our engraving and etching expertise allows us to take any idea and create the perfect plaque or award. We offer our customers an extensive lineup of products, including bronze, brass, copper, Metalphoto, zinc, and magnesium plaques and awards, foil stamping dies, laser engraving, sublimation, sandblasting, and ID tags. We also produce indoor and outdoor signs and create recognition walls or donor walls.

Plaque and award dealers – Visit our dealer section for the dealer locator, videos, and information on how to become a part of Pella Engraving’s national dealer network.

Plaques, awards, and signs for businesses and schools – We can fulfill your needs for custom-designed recognition and retirement plaques, awards, recognition walls and donor walls, indoor or outdoor office signs, and more.

Engraved and etched products for industrial and manufacturing companies – Custom hot stamping dies and equipment ID tags and plates are part of our product lineup.


In the PEC pressroom, you’ll find information about press releases about company news, as well as resource articles about the products and services we offer.

Please contact us to request pictures of our products, or if you need additional information about PEC.


Current product catalog


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PEC plaques travel to Italy
Flying discs carry PEC work around the world
Durable, vibrant color at a lower price
Stake options
Customer spotlight: Wildcat Championship Belts
FAQ: Zinc plaques vs. bronze casting plaques
Introducing PEC installation kits 



When Andrew Lazarchik started Wildcat Championship Belts in 2005, he searched for an engraving company that could custom engrave zinc plates for wrestling, boxing, and other award belts. Pella Engraving was the only manufacturer he found that was able to do exactly what he needed.

“I enjoy working with Pella Engraving because I don’t have to worry about messed up orders,” said Andrew. “I know my plates are going to come back the way I want them. In this day and age, I don’t have time to waste holding hands. They’re good people who do quality work.” Read more about Wildcat Championship Belts here.


“We’ve ordered approximately 4,700 Metalphoto ID tags to be used in a marine environment. The tags are very durable, and their quality has met our every expectation. The thing I like most about working with Pella Engraving is the customer service—they answer all my questions in a timely manner.”


“The 100th anniversary of the Drake Relays was a milestone, and we wanted to honor the Relays history, legacy, and destiny. The idea to honor the Athletes of the Century who competed at the Relays was a big part of our anniversary celebration. “We saw a sample [Pella Engraving] plaque with an artist’s rendering of a picture—it was so much more unique than a photo on a plaque. It sealed the deal. “PEC wanted this project to be as successful as we did. Because of this, we listened to them when they had suggestions. And they always listened to us—no matter how many times we called with changes, we never felt like we were a bother. “The artwork on each plaque is consistent yet representative of each athlete’s individuality. The plaques make the entrance around the stadium light up.”


Sacred Engraving is a family-owned engraving studio based in Tallmadge, Ohio. When Sacred Engraving clients have a need the company cannot meet in house—for plaques with complex artwork and engraved stones, for example—Bill calls Pella Engraving Company. “I met Bruce [Van Wyk, PEC co-owner] at a trade show. I was impressed with the company’s literature and display, and also the textures and surfaces of the products. Since then, I’ve discovered that for artwork, PEC is the only game in town. “Pella Engraving is creative and flexible. They put the needs of my clients first and have a can-do attitude. A police department wanted to mount badges on a display. Pella Engraving devised a way to mount them without any damage to those badges. “For a small college in Florida originally looking for a three-dimensional bas relief, PEC executed the vision of the college with a much more affordable solution: a plaque with such detailed artwork that the three-dimensional aspect was not missed.”